What a summer its been…

Hello everyone and what a summer it has been!

I have had to deal with many challenges over the past few months, ones I would have never of seen as a challenge. Turns out, doing weddings every weekend and then working on original material in the week as well as trying to stream as often as i can is not as easy as it may seem! But, boy have I had a blast!

One of my biggest highlights was headlining the Showcase stage (Sponsored by Radweb) with Ben Pryer. It was a truly amazing experience from the second we arrived on site!






I am also able to annonce some upcomming dates with two of my bands. First off, on the 3rd September, The Go Go Five and I shall be performing at the Jazz Day at the Brickmakers (Click here for info).


And now for a debut. Those of you who follow my social media will know there is a band I’ve been putting together for the best part of a year now and well…they are ready to get out there and bring the place down. The Fever will be performing at the Hogs Back Hop Party on the 23rd September (Click here for info) and tickets are available now!

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