The BMA’s

So, the BMA’s. It was such an amazing night full of laughs and music. Now I know, people want to know, did we win? If you follow my social media you will know, yes. We are now an award winning band! I had only just gotten used to award nominated and I am still in shock I can now say award winning!

I’d like to take this moment to thank our fans as well as people who follow me. I’d also like to thank everyone who helped organise the BMA;s but especially Jamie Pitter, a man I have known for many years now and I consider a very good friend, thank you Jamie. Click here to see some pictures that were taken on the night.


In other news, more work has been coming in for me and I am slowly getting very busy which is just how I like it. I can’t say too much as a lot of it is still under wraps but I can say that my self and a very good friend of mine are going to me Musical Directors for an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Watch this space.


As always, more news to come soon…

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