March Update

Why hello everyone! It’s been a while!

So lets jump straight in, as there is a lot going on that I would love to share with all of you.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to apear on a studio album recently playing some percussion. Smileys Friends – Eclectic. The beauty of this album is the amount of guest singers and boy, there are some nice names on there such as: Kerry Schultz, Owen Paul, John James Newman and Chesney Hawkes just to name a few. It really is worth a listen so please do go and get your self a copy! (Click Here) 


Next up: The Thatchers! That’s right, we are back in rehearsals getting ready for a very busy summer season of weddings, party’s and various other functions and we are all very very excited to get back out there and make some people dance. We are hoping to get some pub or club gigs so you can come down and see us do our thing and come have a chat of course!



And finally, Chuck Chandler & The Go Go 5 are also back in action! After a few months of…well…not much, we were invited to perform a Rock ‘n’ Roll style jam consisting of a few songs. This has made us all want to get out there more and just play to all you lovely people and I am so happy to announce we have our first confirmed date! I can now also confirm that I am now an official member along side Ivan ‘Chuck’ Chandler and Jonathan McDonald, who are 2 of my favourite people to perform with.

Anyway, that is all for now. Please do watch this space and I will do my best to update you all as often as I can,


EJJ xxx

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