Living in Lockdown…STILL

Well, we are still here and it may seem for many that there is no light at the end of the tunnel…well, I say take a torch and light that bad boy up! As I said in my previous post, this doesn’t have to be a bleak time and should be a chance for everyone to learn something new and further your craft.

I found my self pondering this very thought earlier today and how lucky I have been over this period, so, I wanted to share what has actually been going on recently with me.

Quarantine Connection – Behind Closed Doors

Like a lot of my recent work, this started on Facebook. I saw a post from an MC in India who was looking for musicians and producers from all around the world to collaborate on an album. So, I very sheepishly dropped Femcee Frosty a message offering some live drums. She said yes and the next thing I know, I’ve been asked to recorded the drums…produce the drums…AND produce her vocals! Now, I will be honest, I’ve never really done this before but I was happy to take on the challenge and although I still have much to learn, I am happy with the part I played in the project.

It’s Still M.E – Kara Jane

Now this, I am very proud to have been a part of. In May, I saw a story on BBC news about a young lady called Kara who is bed-bound as she suffers from severe M.E. I was even more moved to read that she was pleading for help to finish her album…so back to Facebook we go. I offered to help and I am so so glad I did. I was asked to play on a song called “Silence is Cheaper” and when I received the demo, I was amazed at the emotion and just sheer passion from Kara’s vocals and got to work.

Now my part was over fairly quickly and so began the months of waiting to the point I forgot I did it! I had been chatting to Kara’s producer, Liam Hicks, and he sent me a finished version of the track and I couldn’t believe my ears! Never have I played on something that sounds so huge and epic…and to top it off, at the time of me writing this (10/08/2020), Kara’s album currently sits at Number 20 in the iTunes album chart and Number 2 in the Amazon Best Sellers Chart beating Taylor Swift!!!

This is the part where you can help. Kara’s mission is to raise £100,000 for The ME Association. This can be done by buying the album or donating directly to her Just Giving page (Click Here). I know it’s a tough time but please, dig deep and help this fantastic cause.

As always, I do love to hear for you guys so remember to hit me up on all my social media. Until next time x

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