April & May Updates

Hello again everyone,

Sorry it has been a while but there has been a lot I wanted to talk about but I haven’t been aloud to disclose much…until now.

So the big thing that will be obvious to you guys if you follow me on twitter (if not click here) is that I am now working with the immensely talented Ben Pryer. Ben used to be apart of the Top 40 UK boy band M.A.D and is now on a solo venture to bring back the classic sounds of 1950’s Rock ‘n’ Roll with a modern twist. I will be featuring on his debut album playing on 2 of the songs, “Ball & Chain” and “The Change”. The album is out in a few months and I will keep you all posted with that along with some live dates. 

In other happenings, The Thatchers and I have started our very very busy summer season of weddings and corporate events which is always fun. The season started with a 3 gig weekend including 2 dates at Battersea Power Station which was, quite frankly, surreal! It was quite a bizarre few days but was a lot of fun!



And before I go, please don’t forget to follow me on all my social media and to keep an eye on my live dates as there will be a lot of new ones being released soon!


Til next time xx

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