An Update In My Session Work

People that know me know I like to stay as busy as I can, weather it be with my originals project, teaching or playing in session bands. The more intuitive ones of you will be able to tell by the title of this post, I have some new and exciting session stuff going on.

About a month ago, someone poked up out of nowhere on Facebook asking if I would drum for am. After doing some research and finding out more about his music, I said yes. So I can now say I am working with the incredibly talented Andrea Ojano. This is my first load of session work since I worked with Molly a few years ago, and boy have I missed it.

Andrea is a very busy guy. He has his original material, hence me, and he is also the singer for a Bon Jovi tribute act who’s touring schedule is completely jam packed!

I hope all of you will join his journey by giving him a like on his Facebook page and also have a look at his Website and listen to some of his stuff.


Til next time


Ed x

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