2015 re-cap and 2016

So after an incredible year for me as a musician, I can very proudly say it only gets better with what this new year is going to bring for me.

This past year has seen me finish my Degree, Play at Metropolis, Headline Weyfest, Play live on radio and be nominated for awards with my brothers in Elias Martell. I couldn’t have asked for a better professional year for my self or the people I have been working with.

So what about this year? Well, I can’t say too much about some things I have in the works but can confirm that I will definitely be involved with an entertainment agency, getting me involved with some high end function bands. Obviously, I do have the BMA’s coming up and you can read more about that here.

The other big thing I would like to announce is my solo project. I say solo project but by that I mean, song that I have had a lot of input with and are based around my ideas. I haven’t yet finalised a definite genre but I know it is going to be heavily Funk based. I should hopefully be able to upload some of this shortly.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope your 2016 is amazing and brings you everything you could want.

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